Sri Nrusimha Saraswati

  The second "Avatar" (incarnation) of Lord Datta in this age of Kali was   in the form of Sri Nrusimha Saraswati. To the pious couple, Madhava Sharma and his wife Amba, who lived in a village named Karanja or Laad-  karanja in the State of Maharashtra, was born this divine child who amazed  every one from the time of his birth, not by crying, but by uttering clearly the  "Pranava-Nadam" (the sound of OM). The child named "Narahari", grew  upto be a handsome boy of five, but he could not speak. This was a cause  of worry to the Parents.One day the young boy conveyed to his mother that  he would speak if his "upanayanam" was performed. No sooner than the  child was invested with the sacred thread, the divinity in the child swelled  out and keeping his promise, he started reciting all the Vedas and  immediately sought "Bhiksha" from his mother. He then did "pradakshina"  (pacing in a circle thrice around a person(s)/deity etc.) of his Parents and  sought their permission to enter the "Sanyasa Ashrama", (i.e. the fourth  Stage of religious life).