Sri Manikya Prabhu

The third incarnation of Lord Dattatreya was in a place called Kalyan in the State of Maharashtra. He was born to a pious couple, Manohar Nayak and Bayadevi on 22nd December, 1871. As a child, Manikya Prabhu used to go alone deep inside Dark Forests and be put there for days together. Even as a child he performed many miracles which showed his divinity. On being reprimanded by his uncle, he left his house and wandered in different Forests, Caves and sacred places. Many devotees approached him for his benediction. Manikya Prabhus divine qualities attracted even the Muslims so much so that he was called Pir-un-Pir-Dastsagir. Once he was being carried in a palanquin and as it was approaching a place called Humnabad it got entangled and stuck between creepers and would not move. Manikya Prabhu settled there permanently and the place came to be referred as "Manikya Nagaram". He preached equality of all religions. Festivals of both Hindus as well as Muslims were celebrated with equal fervour. Once the King of Akkalkot visited Manikya Prabhu and requested him to visit their place.