Sri Akkalkot Swami

            The fourth incarnation of Lord Dattatreya in this Kaliyuga manifested in a Place called Akkalkot in the State of Maharashtra. This was confirmed by none other than Sri Manikya Prabhu himself. Swami first manifested himself in the year 1856 in Akkalkot and remained there throughout till he attained his Samadhi. Swami had travelled extensively throughout the Country visiting various Holy places. This was narrated by Swami himself which was also corroborated by many others. Swami treated people of all religions alike and used to visit the temple as well as the Dargah. Vedic chants and abuses flowed with equal ease from his mouth forcing people to initially consider Swami as a "mad person". However, he came to be gradually considered as God incarnate and revered and worshipped by all. On the evening of a Tuesday in the month of April 1878, Swami requested his disciples to take him to the Banyan Tree when amidst the singing of Bhajans,(Songs in the praise of Lord) Swami sitting in the Padmasana (yogic posture) attained Samadhi. Akkalkot Swami or Maharaj is also referred to as Swami Samarth.